The truth (lower case “t”) about weight loss


Atkins, Zone, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Blood Type, Bullet Proof, 80/10/10, Paleo….there are a ton of diets out there. All of them making bold claims to help you lose weight quickly and permanently.

And with lots of impressive before and after collections, it’s tempting to try them all…in fact, i bet you already have.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: google “quick weight loss diet”, click search result, make emotional decision to go hard core on _________ fat loss diet, follow diet for all of 12 hours, order a pizza.

Don’t worry, I used to do this too. Usually I would be inspired to go on a diet after realizing that my pants no longer fit or that I had an upcoming beach trip. I would get super motivated to start a new diet, one that a friend had been successful on. Hey if it worked for her it should work for me right?


I would go on the diet, do everything right, and be defeated. Again and again and again.

It was really frustrating. that is until I learned…..


Yes, all diets do essentially the same thing. They all trick you into eating less one way or anther.
elimination diets like Adkins and Paleo eliminate entire food groups like bread and pasta, leaving you with fewer choices so you will likely eat less calories.

Others like Zone and Weight Watchers give you a points system that is basically just another way of monitoring calories. Nothing magic nothing special.

The reason diets are so dogmatic is because humans love things to be “black” and “white”. We want clear rules and regulations for weight loss but the truth is…there aren’t any. The key is discovering a style of eating that works with your lifestyle.

For example, I have learned that I like large volumes of food. Therefore, I eat a lot of whole, raw foods. Since they are so low calorie I can afford to eat large portions.

On top of that, I’m very lazy and have found it’s easier for me to cook all of my food at once, package it up, label it and eat it through the week.

I know that I also don’t do well with moderation. That’s why I am on a diet that is very clean Monday-Friday and allows me to eat whatever I want in excess on Saturday. During the week I average about 1500 calories/day which allows me the luxury of having a solid 2500 calorie saturday (aka FATURDAY).

This diet has helped me keep my body fat just below 20% (pretty lean for a female) and allows me to eat socially with friends on saturday.

The take home message: It’s about what is right for you. Be sure to consider your schedule, current eating habits, taste preference, as well as your calorie needs when choosing a diet for yourself.

This will greatly increase your chances of success on the diet you design for yourself.

And, if you find this to be totally and completely overwhelming, shoot me an email. I’ve helped hundreds of people discover what diet works for them. I’m sure I can help you too.

Make it a great day,

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