10 simple (mindless) eating tips that will transform your bod

You’re home from work…ravenously hungry, stressed, craving warm carbs and fat like it’s nobody’s bid-niss. We’ve all been there; complete mindless blackout eating that leaves you feeling stuffed…and somehow unsatisfied. This eating style is SUPER COMMON among Americans and is arguably the reason you are in loosing battle with obesity.

Here are 10 simple tips to help you avoid Mindless Eating


1. Breathe

Make it a habit to take one (or two or three) gigantic deep breaths before having your meal. Most people don’t realize this, but oxygen is a major nutrition enhancer. It’s responsible for tons of metabolic activity in our bodies. Pay attention to how you breathe during the day….is it short and shallow or long, full and deep? Breathing deeply can friggen transform the  quality of your life. So be like Nike and “Just do it” (here’s a really great berating meditation vid)
2. Relax

Did you know there is a direct correlation between relaxation and digestion?! When we are super stressed out, our bodies are not very good at producing digestive enzymes -which is why some people find it hard to eat when they be stressin’. This can have an effect on nutrient assimilation -what you get out of your food yo- and even thermogenics- calorie burn and ish 🙂 Do yourself a favor and take a chill pill before having a meal.

3. Slow Down

I know you’ve heard it before, but SLLLLOOOOWWWWW DOOOWWWNNNN when you’re eating and you will eat less. In fact, a study conduced in by Nutrition grad students showed that those who were “slow eaters” at dinner parties ate 20% less than their scarfing piers! That equates to about 10 extra pounds each year and that’s no joke. Next time your out to eat with friends, identify the slowest eater at the table and try to stay a couple bites behind them.
4. Feel Nourished

It sounds corny….but take time to notice how food feels when it enters your body. Make eating a romantic experience of the senses. Imagine that the food you eat is super powered and is doing amazing things for your body! This can make eating a way more cool. Try verbalizing how good your meal is making you feel out loud, as you’re eating it… even if you are alone.
5. Be Present

Do you always have to be watching tv, reading, or on the computer when you eat? This is taking away from your meal and making it way to easy to accidentally over eat.  Don’t multitask. Just eat. Be fully aware of each bite and listen to your body as you eat. Do you feel full? Do you enjoy the texture and temperature of the food? Is the presentation awesome? Whatever it is, take time. It’s hard to binge on food that you are fully aware of. Remember…. overeating is a MINDLESS EATING ACTIVITY! One that can totally be avoided.
6. Be Pleasured

Feeling good can actually increase your metabolic rate. According to an article from the National Institute of Health, there is a strong link between depression and metabolism.

Major depressive disorder is associated with an elevated risk of numerous metabolic disturbances, including obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type II, and death after myocardial infarction. Several recent papers also indicate that disturbances of mood may alter peripheral signaling pathways that regulate metabolic processes, including those involving leptin and ghrelin.

I deduce that happiness= healthy balance of metabolic hormones. So in the words of ole’ B.M. “don’t worry, be happy”.


Have you ever seen a little kid at an ice cream shop toss their hands in the air after getting a scoop? I’m not sure at what point people decide they are too old to throw random mini celebrations…but we gotta bring those back ya’ll! This ties into being present as we eat and grateful for our food, celebrating the stuff we like helps us to appreciate it more and will make us much less likely to abuse it by over indulging.

8. Listen

Your body is a lot smarter than you’d think. It speaks to us and offers up insights about how and what we eat. Learn to speak your bodies language so you can give it what it really wants…. which is probably not a second helping of lasagne.

9. Let Go

Once you finish eating, feel good about it and move on even if you fudged up a little. There’s no way to undo what’s been done, so just make a mental note to walk a little further today and follow tips 1-8 tomorrow 😛

10. Get help if you need it

If you’re really struggling with controlled, mindful eating then get a coach. Someone who understands eating psychology and can help you uncover WHY you can’t stop eating. The reasons may really surprise you.

I happen to be a nutritionist with extensive knowledge about eating psychology, so if you need help send me an email at badashtrainer@gmail.com and visit my website at http://www.badashtraining.com. hell, you can even text me 9094777608

warning…there’s a good chance if you’re reading this blog right now (Feb 2nd 2015) then my site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION… it will be back up and way cooler next week

Love ya babes


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