Easy 3 Step Formula For Successful Meal Prep


Meal Prepping

A daunting task to the nutrition newbie and the holy grail of getting “shredded” in the body building community. Meal prepping saves you time and decision making power during the week when you’re on a diet.  It provides all the convince of eating processed foods whilst giving you control over your diet.

 In this post I’m going to teach you a no brainer formula for a successful meal prep. I’ll keep this brief.

Step 1- Figure out how much food you need


The easiest way to prep is to MINIMIZE your food choices. This keeps everything simple so you don’t get overwhelmed during prep and quit half way through cooking chicken lol. So, break your grub down into three categories: Proteins (meat, eggs, yogurt) Veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, spinach) and Carby stuff (apples, bananas, beans, double fiber bread, rice)

How much of each/day for weight loss: 2 cups protein stuff, 6 cups veggies, 3 cups carby stuff (rough estimate, your values may vary)

How much of each/day for weight gain: 3 cups protein stuff, 6 cups veggies, 5 cups carby stuff (same blah blah blah)

So for the weight loss person, that means in one week you will need 10 cups protein stuff (roughly 5 pounds of meat etc), 30 cups of veggies (roughly 15 pounds of veggies…sounds like a lot. It’s not), and 15 cups of carby stuff (i don’t break this down into pounds cuz weight changes after cooking)

This is based off of a 5 day period…I always cheat saturdays and fast sundays)

I usually buy pre-washed veggies because they make life way easier. Try to be sustainably raised hormone free meat. Keep carbs simple; buy oats, rice, beans, apples, and bananas.

Step 2- Cook it up 

Even if you don’t think you can cook, you can. The key to meal prep cooking is keeping it as simple as possible.

1st, clean and season your meat put it on trays and pop it in the oven at 375 for 25-30 min.

2nd, put your bagged veggies into a gigantor frying pan with some coconut oil and herbs (or whatever seasoning you want) cook all your veggies while the meat is heating up.

3rd, cook a big ass pot of rice while veggies and meat are cooking.

4th, everything should be done at the same time. Turn it all off and let it cool. While stuff is cooling down, pack up raw veggies and salad stuff for snacks.

***** Tip: Chinese take out boxes make great salad boxes! and they fit nicely in the refrigerator!*********


5th- Add any finishing touches (I like putting bacon bits and cheese in my salads and labeling my boxes) and store it all away!

You can be as creative with your prep as you’d like!

Just remember that all you really need is protein, veggies, and carby stuff.

Other than that, drink water and Almond milk. Have coffee if you’d like. And enjoy your prep!!

Hope this helps you babes. Feel free to ask any questions any time ❤

Thank you for reading and I love you.


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