Are Your Friends Out To Sabotage Your Diet?

Have you ever ordered a salad while going out to eat with friends? If so, then this look should be familiar


Friends don’t like when friends are being better than they are

It makes you “less like them” and people like people who are like themselves. Diets make you different. It’s a natural reaction and it means they love you ❤

However…it is really freaking challenging to stick to your diet when your friend hands you a fork full of chocolate chip pizookie whilst looking at you with puppy eyes, begging you to have just one bite. Watching your friends indulge while you’re trying to slim town is tough, especially when they are bent on getting you to indulge with them.

But not to fear! If you follow these tips you will be able to stay true to your diet in every social scenario

  1. Have one bite
    1.  One bite of something won’t mess up your diet. One bite of even the most decadent treat will only add 50 extra calories at most to your meal. The trick is to really only take one bite. Before you take the bite, make the decision to really only have ONE BITE. (the word decision btw means to cut off all other options. There is no other choice). If you’re more like “once you pop the fun don’t stop” then just be stern. Say no.
  2. Create a distraction 
    1. If you know that food is being passed your way be ready to start a funny story or take a phone call. Take some of the focus off of yourself not participating in the dish being shared that doesn’t quite fit into your diet. Yeah this is a little weird, but hey it’s short lived and if it relieves social tension then I’d say it’s fair trade.
  3. Go out on cheat day 
    1. I’m a fan of cheat days. Faturdays 🙂 (thanks Tim Ferris lol). One day of the week where you release your inhibitions. Go wild. Eat, drink and be merry. It’s counter intuitive, but a cheat day can actually help keep your metabolism elevated so that you avoid a plateau. Win win situation ya?
  4. Be a slow eater
    1. It’s kind of awkward to be the first person to finish food. You will be much more likely to accept samples from your buddies if everyone else is eating and you are staring at an empty plate. Take sips of water in between bites. Make great conversation. Really take time to analyze and enjoy what you’re eating. Far too many people rush through meals completely missing awesome little nuances and flavors of the dish. You’re probably paying good money for this meal, get your money’s worth by really tasting it!
  5. Don’t draw a whole bunch of attention to your diet
    1. You don’t necessarily have to order from the “skinny options” menu. Just make good choices. Order a regular entrée but get veggies instead of rice. Order unsweetened tea. Blend in and no one will even know you’re watching what you eat!

Try out these tips and let me know how they work out for you. Maybe even send this blog to some of your friends (maybe they’ll get the hint lol). As always if you have an questions email me at Check me out on IG bad_ash_training, facebook badashtraining and at

❤ Ya Babes

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