Minimalist Training, The Only 5 Lifts You Will Ever Need


Fitness is In Style

Just scroll through your social media feed and you’ll see elaborate partner exercises, cardio circuits, HITT Cycles, and fancy exercise gizmos.

For someone brand new to the whole fitness thing, this can be pretty overwhelming. How do you select a program that will get you to your goal? What do you chose to do?

When you are deciding on an exercise program, you need to figure out what your ultimate goal is, what actions are necessary to reach your goal, and strip all the non essentials.

For 9/10 women looking to starting an exercise program their primary goals are weight loss and toning. To the uninformed weight loss enthusiast, this means high volumes of cardio, lots of leg raises, and a zillion crunches a day.

This type of regimen may yield short term results, but eventually the effectiveness of a light body weight circuit workout fades. And when this happens….your plan goes kaput.

The Secret to a Great Plan- K.I.S.S.


Wise words to live by, especially in the context of exercise.

An effective exercise program must be measurable-*must be able to mark progress*- and something that you can stick to for the long haul-you’ve gotta like it.

For some, this may mean getting a gym membership or a personal trainer. Or maybe a gym environment is overwhelming and a trainer is completely out of the question. It’s all about understanding yourself and finding what works for you.

One of my favorite programs only incorporates 5 execises: squats, dead lifts, shoulder presses, bench press, and bent over row

It’s called a 5×5 program. Here’s the breakdown.

2 Lifting days (Push day and Pull Day) 

Day 1:

5 sets of 5 reps squats, as heavy as I can

5 sets of 5 reps chest press, as heavy as I can

5 sets of 5 reps shoulder press, as heavy as I can

Warm up and cool down 10 min jog

Day 2:

5 sets of 5 reps dead lift, as heavy as I can

5 sets of 5 reps bent over rows, as heavy as I can

5 sets of 30 second all out sprints on tred mill

warm up and cool down 10 min jog

Try to have a stretch day in between

Get a long cardio day in there on a weekend day

Why it Works 

This plan may not be as flashy as those depicted on the  @genericfitnessinstagram fan page, but I can guarantee you that this plan will get you stronger -which will cause you to burn more calories during the day, give you energy, and ultimately help you lose weight- and reshape your body.

These 5 lifts engage all of your major AND minor muscle groups. Also, this plan uses the bodies natural range of motion, which improves all regular daily activities.

So there’s really no need to do all that flashy stuff…in fact, a lot of the flashy junk can be counter productive if you haven’t laid down a good, strong foundation.

Final Words

If you are going to execute this plan properly PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD make sure you do them properly. Lifting heavy weight with bad form is a big time no no, so make the investment (be it of time or money) and LEARN THE LIFTS.

Also, if this is so overwhelming to you that you won’t stick to it then get a coach. You will always stick to something when you are putting money on the line.

Love you babes and as always visit my website if you have any additional questions.

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