When and How to Increase Weight When Lifting (for toning up!)

You made it your New Years Resolution to lift weight 2x/week


2015 is the year you’re gonna squat!! (omg you’ll finally be able to use the fitspo hash tag and say do you even lift and post I squat memes!!!) You’ve put together a realistic schedule, You watched my lifting video “The Only 5 Exercises You’ll Ever Need”. you got a lifting buddy, and you hired a baby sitter. YOU ARE READY!


You’ve overlooked one crucial detail

How do you avoid the dreaded PLATEAU!

I’m not talking about weight loss plateaus, I’m talking about when you cease to see muscular development. Weight lifters plateau.

Lifting plateau is caused when your muscles adapt to movements that were once challenging.  I think that a lot of people get stuck when they start weight training because the don’t realize how quickly they can improve! You can actually become stronger in as little as 1 week! (bodybuilding.com). That means that if you’re lifting the same weight that left you unable to get up from the toilet last week it still may be ineffective.

Also, it can be really confusing as to when you should increase your weights.

How Much Should You Increase?

It really depends on what muscle group we are talking about. In general, larger muscle groups (legs, back, chest) are stronger than small muscle groups (bis, tris, shoulders, forearms etc).

Larger muscle groups can tolerate a larger jump in weight. 

For example: During your first week following my Big 5 Program, you are able to squat 65 lbs (fyi, that’s the olympic bar with two 10lb plates. great starting place). During the second week, you are already stronger! Sweet! You can add 30% more weight and tolerate it just fine (that would be 20 pounds..or two more 10 pound plates)

Smaller muscle groups CAN NOT tolerate fast weight increases

For example: It’s your second week and you’re feeling fergalicious because of your 30% weight increase for squats. You try to make the same jump for shoulder presses aaaaaaaand images

no cigar. You get stuck. Can’t finish the set. And are totally bummed.

That’s because “heaviness” is relative to the size of the muscle you’re using.

Prevent Weight Lifting Plateau By Following These 3 Tips

  1. Increase weight for large muscle groups by 30% every other week
  2. Increase weight for small muscle groups by 10% every other week
  3. Make sure to take a week off every 4 or 5 weeks
  4. Be patient with yourself and listen to your body!

If you follow these steps, you will have a tone squat booty in no time 🙂

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Happy New Year Babes!

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