5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Personal Trainer

I know what you’re thinking…


…. Isn’t the name of your business BAD ASH Personal Training? Have you gone off the deep end?

No, I’m not crazy. Just honest. There are valid reasons NOT to get a trainer. I’m going to list them below and hopefully save you the trouble of making a bad decision.

  1. They have state of the art equipment 
    1. Here’s the deal…nice equipment doesn’t help you make going to the gym a habit. I don’t care how many squat racks, kettle bells or smash balls they have, if you can’t get your ass in that box at least 3 days/ week consistently they will do nothing for you. Don’t let the quantity of stuff in a gym influence your decision to invest in personal training.
  2. He’s cheaper than the guy next door (or someone is offering it for free)
    1. I don’t think it’s necessary to spend your life savings on a trainer, but usually you get what you pay for. Novice trainers (or trainers who just don’t produce results) under sell themselves for a reason. It’s a waste of money and even dangerous to work with someone inexperienced (injuries!!). Also, putting money on the line is plenty motivating to get you putting some umph into your workouts. Ever wonder why stuff like herbalife works for a lot of people? It’s because they are paying for $300/mo for crappy low calorie product and they follow that low calorie box plan to the letter.
  3. You’re looking for a quick fix 
    1. If you’ve started a dozen diets that lasted all of 2 weeks and you’re thinking of getting a personal trainer, then you really need to make sure that you are committed to this decision. I’ve seen too many clients impulse buy a 12 month program before they were mentally ready just to see them fall off….wasting thousands of dollars each month. It’s really important to make sure you express your past dieting experience to your trainer. Make sure they know your tendencies so that he or she can create a workout program that will be sustainable for YOU. Your personal trainer isn’t a good fit for you if you don’t show up to training. Getting fit is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics…and if your trainer denies this then you need to fire them.
  4. They claim to have found “the secret” to weight loss 
    1. The truth is… most weight loss programs work. Even the ones that are not entirely scientifically valid. The reason for this is because in general when people move more and eat less processed food (the protocol for 99% of all diets) they lose weight. Thus, if a trainer is claiming to have a cutting edge secret to weight loss all they have really done is found another way of tricking you into eating less and moving more. This isn’t a bad thing…but if your trainer doesn’t understand that there are many ways to skin this proverbial cat, then there’s a chance his or her plan might not work for you AND since they are so caught up in the dogma of their current system they will not be willing to experiment with other plans for you. Your trainer should be able to adapt to your needs and create a plan that is sustainable for your lifestyle.
  5. They have a high turn over rate 
    1. Always ask a trainer how long they have been training their current clientele. You can tell a lot from a trainer by how frequently they lose clients. Great trainers have raving fans. Shitty trainers need to run campaigns constantly to keep up with the drop rate of clients. #justkeepinitreal

So why should you get a personal trainer

You should get a personal trainer because

  • A good personal trainer takes the overwhelm out of your health program
  • Your trainer can help you identify your true outcome and set a realistic goal
  • You can learn from someone who is living the way you want to live (don’t trust an out of shape trainer…)
  • Personal trainers hold you accountable. They make sure you show up to your workouts and push you through, keeping you on task even when you feel like poop.
  • Personal trainers are invested in your success. They care if you reach your goal. Because it makes them look good when you look good. That’s just how it is.

How to hire a great trainer

  • Ask them how long they have been training.
  • Make sure your potential trainer emphasizes goal setting in your initial consultation
  • Check your trainers knowledge of various diets. You may have to be on a few before you find one that sticks. A good trainer knows when to switch up your program (a lot like a good dr with meds)
  • Ask your trainers current clients for feedback.
  • Look for testimonials and positive feedback
  • Don’t get a trainer that’s a meat head. Just don’t.

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Love you babe


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