December Body+ Challenge STOP NEGATIVE SELF TALK

Do you ever beat yourself up? I do. 

30 Day Body Positive challenge

Yep, even Miss love yourself experiences moments of mental weakness.

This nagging voice in my head tells me I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough, no one likes you, you’re trying too hard, no one is listening to you, you’ll never beat out big fitness gyms so you might as well quit! And lemme tell ya, there are times when these thoughts almost get the best of me. You would be shocked by how many times I have googled “how to get a sugar daddy” in the past year! (don’t worry, I got a boyfriend. This exit plan is kaput)

I’ve given this destructive she demon a name…

“The Bitch” 

I have an inner bitch, you have an inner bitch, Michelle Obama has an inner bitch, your grandama’s grandma even has one.
This is something we all share and this inner bitch can seriously affect the way you experience life.

The Bitch can rob you of your confidence leaving you insecure and reluctant to do all the things that make being a woman awesome. She can keep you from dates, job interviews, beach trips, girls nights and family functions. You truly can’t afford to give her this much power over your life.

And when left unchecked, The Bitch can even cause more serious problems like body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia, binge eating, depression and even suicidal thoughts. ….Trust me, I’ve been there.

Wanna know the worst (and kind of best) thing about The Bitch? You have complete control over her. The Bitch is simply our fear of not being enough manifested into reoccurring automatic thoughts.  We allow The Bitch to take control of our minds. We choose to listen to her. We decide to focus on what she says.

And what we focus on is what we feel…isn’t it?

A good analogy is a car crash in the desert.
Have you ever heard of someone wrapping around power pole while driving on a long desert high way? Did you think to yourself, “how the hell did they manage to hit the only light pole for miles?” They looked at it that’s how. We drive towards whatever we are looking at, even if that thing may cause our imminent death.

What you focus on you will move towards. This. Is. Key.

So lets shift our focus. 

I Challenge YOU to Take a 30 Day Body+ Challenge

Now, I challenge you join me in defeating The Bitch over the next 30 days. Make the decision to play all out with me and together we can stomp out negative self talk and lead the lives we deserve.

I want you to focus on getting “Straight A’s” 
1 Appreciation 
2 Awareness
3 Activist
4 be Alive

Appreciation: The first “A” is appreciation. For 30 days I challenge you to wake up and think about one thing you are grateful for in your life. Make it something simple; your kids, the sunshine, not having a stuffy nose, buff guys without shirts on lol. Whatever it is that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling in your chest…think about it first thing in the morning and notice how it can drastically improve your day.

Awareness: Most of the time, we are totally unaware of the thoughts that pop into our head. We just let our brains wander wherever they want to. This is when The Bitch does her damage. Every day for 30 days, I challenge you to simply take notice when The Bitch starts doin her thing. Take note of how often she is bugging you throughout the day. It may even be a good idea to write it down. You will be SHOCKED by how often The Bitch is controlling your thoughts. Being aware is the first step to taking control of your mind and kicking The Bitch out for good. It’s time to be the captain of your own ship.

Activist: Have you ever known an activist before? (if you read this blog…. then the answer is yes haha). An activist is someone who is so passionate about her or his cause that they will go to extreme lengths to spread what they believe. They take action to improve the status quo ultimately moving others towards a greater reality. I challenge you to become your own body activist. Identify actions that you can take to make yourself do better, feel better and be better. Here are a few suggestions: 1.Move! Exercise is a PHENOMENAL way to feel better about yourself. 2.Spend time with people who build you up. 3.Stand up for yourself, let people know when they say shit that stirs up The Bitch. 4.Stop comparing yourself to others. One thing is for certain….YOU ARE YOU, you don’t get to be another person. Embrace yourself and learn to love who you are right now, understanding that you are always able to progress to a higher level.

Alive: This may be the most important part of the challenge. I challenge you to do something this month that makes you feel alive. Now, this doesn’t need to be crazy like sky diving or climbing Mount Everest (although if you want to do that then FAK YEAH go for it!!). It can be something as simple as a sunrise. Whatever you choose, make sure you give yourself the opportunity to be present. We spend so much time reliving the past or stressing over the future. To truly feel alive we must me in the now…. Allow yourself to have this.

I’m totally participating in this challenge too. I struggle just like you do. And I too need to take control of my self image. I’m so tired of hearing women talk shit about themselves! Let’s put an end to this starting with you and me.

How To Join In

If you want in on this challenge, simply JOIN THE MOVEMENT by getting every women you know who struggles from negative self talk! Share this blog post and subscribe to my youtube channel  I will be posting inspirational body+ videos all month long.

Share your story with me on my Facebook page . Let me know why you are FED UP WITH NEGATIVE SELF TALK

#body+challenge, #stopnegativeselftalk, #badashbodypos #30daychallenge on all your social media.

Share, share, share, share and oh did I mention SHARE this with the women in your life.

Let’s change this ladies. Because when I have a daughter, I would never want her to talk to herself the way I have heard some women speak of themselves. This isn’t just for us…this is for ALL WOMEN.

❤ love you all

BAD ASH Training

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