4 Proven Ways to Avoid Getting Fat on Turkey Day

Turkey Eating Pie

Football, spicy pumpkin pie, creamy mashed potatoes, and succulent meats… the stuff that dreams are made of.

Unless you’re trying to lose weight (let’s be real…we all are)

Here are some easy loopholes to help you avoid holiday poundage.

  1. Find a damn turkey trot- Negate some of the calories you are going to smash later in the day by moving early in the morning. Almost every city hosts a 5k on Thanksgiving, find yours and sign up. If you live in my area (whaaaat uuuup!) then let’s run one together! I will be running the Claremont Turkey Trot this year. If your city doesn’t host a 5k…then it doesn’t cost a thang to get out there and run one on your own with friends.
  2.  Be an “I.F.er” for a day- What the F is an I.F.er? I.F. stands for intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting allows you to have a days worth of calories in a short eating window-ideal for your thanksgiving feast. IF-ing can truly allow you to have your cake and eat it too….and pie…so much pie.
  3. Be really really good the rest of the week-  If you’re on my email list, you know I’m a big fan of having a high calorie, no limits cheat day once/week in order to increase caloric threshold and provide a mental break from dieting (and if you’re not on my email list…. what the hell is wrong with you? lol) Click here to join #teambadashtraining. Anywho, you can save up calories for T-Day by reducing caloric intake 200-300 calories for a few days preceding the feast. If you start “saving” 4 days out, you can afford to consume an extra 1,000 calories or so with no consequence on the scale! Sweeeeeeeeeeet Sauuuuuce!
  4. Veggies Veggies Veggies (did I say VEGGGGGIESS)- If you think about it, you can eat REALLY HEALTHY on Thanksgiving. There’s lean protein and a plethora of seasonal veggies to choose from. What bleeps people up is snacking and desserts. Pig out on butternut squash, green bean casserole, yams, and salads. Also, if you’re going to a potluck bring something that you know is low in cals so that you have a plate filler. Go for volume of veggies, and savor the sweets and treats.

I didn’t have any time to read over this post, so I’m sure its rife with typos and grammar issues and all dat jazz. But the info is still valuable if you apply it.

Have a happy T-day babes. Lub you

❤ Ash

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