Dear BADASH Training (a love note to the business)

bad ash training

This post isn’t really for my readers… it’s for me. 

I’m a firm believer in 2 things:

  1. Writing down what you want magically makes your dreams reality (actually, there is science behind this)
  2. Successful companies are genuinely transparent.

So I’ve decided put myself on blast and outline my ultimate desired outcome for BAD ASH Personal Training and Nutrition…. but to do it in a way that’s not as formal as a business plan….because this isn’t the document I’m showing investors… it’s the love note I’m writing to my baby (BAD ASH Training)

What is BAD ASH Training 

A fitness philosophy that doesn’t consume your whole life.

Nutrition suggestions that are conducive to ultimate physical goals as well as every day life. A strategy that can be tweaked, modified, and enjoyed so that health, fitness and a rockin’ bod can be sustained for life. A plan that won’t make you one of those weird ass people that tote around tupperware to Appplebees. (I can say because I’ve done it).

A support group of like minded individuals (#BADASHBABES) that believe ALL BODIES are beautiful/sexy/acceptable and that the purpose of a health regimen is to nourish and love the body you live in. BADASHBABES know that health is progressive. They know that perfection is not the end goal and that there is always room for physical improvement. They know that having a healthy outlook is just as important as having a healthy physique.

Instructors, content writer, customer service reps, coaches, and CLIENTS that are dedicated to creating an outstanding fitness experience.


The Team

Ashley- The O.G. BAD ASH. I will lead my team by creating a fun, open, family, workout environment. I will teach all employees that each day we are to create an experience for our BADASHBABES. I will provide excellent, educational, and entertaining content to my community and to the world. I will effectively and eloquently share my health and fitness strategy to anyone who wants to learn.

BAD ASH Coaches- The BAD ASH Coaches will push BADASHBABES to the next level. Coaches will encourage and praise great work, correct bad form, and set the tone for awesome workouts. Coaches will be energetic, empathetic, and empowering!

Marketing Imaginators and Sales Force – Our marketing and sales team will share the vision of BAD ASH Training. The team will never use negative strategies to elicit sales. We will promote our products and services by adding value FIRST. We will never be pushy or gimmicky. BAD ASH Training will GIVE 100x more than what we ask for. They will provide amazing customer service, treating every client with sincerity.

BADASHBABES- The true backbone of BAD ASH Training. BADASHBABES are the collective “tribe” of BADASH Training. Anyone can be a BADASHBABE as long as they associate with our health and fitness philosophy. BADASHBABES are the most important part of BAD ASH Training because they will spread the movement. BADASHBABES impact the way we view health, fitness, and body image.

My Ultimate Goal

To help 100,000 people improve their nutrition habits, body image, and physical fitness.

To Spread my passion for wellness.

To make a difference.

To love.

This will keep me going when it gets tough.

If you are a BADASHBABE already (obviously you are if you are reading this) thank you and keep watching. This shit is about to get REAL.

❤ Ash

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