Rant About Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Here I go spending all my time and energy helping chicks feel comfy in the skin they are in and bam…

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 2.17.22 AM

Paper magazine produces this oily nude of Kim K. polluting the minds of our youth-leading young ladies to an unrealistic standard of beauty and giving men a taste for synthetic female form. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self expression and I’m cool with nudity. It just bothers me when sex symbols with completely ridiculous-not possible without plastic surgery/photoshp bodies-are plastered all over the internet and social media ( I actually first saw this pic on a kids instagram account -_-)

What’s most unsettling is that the photos have been heavily altered.



It’s not like the photoshop artists just ironed out a few blemishes on Kim’s ass… the right hand Kim is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON

Not only has she been drastically altered, but the revised photo is about as realistic as barbie doll. 

It’s not fair to create print advertisements like this…. it should be illegal. Stuff like this can catalyze a lifetime of insecurity.

Also, it sets an unreasonable societal expectation for what a woman “should” look like.

I know that my blog isn’t read by thousands of people (one day…. I will have lots of readers lol). But for few women that are reading my blog posts… THIS IS FAKE. EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN THE MAGAZINES IS FAKE.

And for the few men that are up in this blog… WOMEN DON’T LOOK LIKE THIS. APPRECIATE ALL FORMS OF THE FEMALE FIGURE.

********* end rant*********

You are real, and it’s your responsibility to proudly OWN your body! Take responsibility for you your health and rock the skin you are in.

You are hot stuff and I pretty much love you.

Make it an awesome day babe.

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