7 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Eat Better

While I was studying nutrition at Cal Poly Pomona, I experimented with every diet under the sun. 


I tried: the raw vegan diet, low carb, iifym, intermittent fasting and everything in between.

What I learned from all this: if it’s too dogmatic, it probably won’t last. Even if I felt really good following a strict set of dietary rules, as soon as it got in the way of my social life or when it became extremely inconvenient then I would fall off (even as a freaking nutrition student!)

The pretty good diet that you can stick to is better than the perfect diet that you will quit.

Now, I am in a place of balance.

I basically eat whatever I want and stick to these nutrition principles. Hope that they help you.

  1. Ask the right questions
    1. before you have meal, ask yourself the following questions: how hungry am i? what have i already eaten today? what will give me the most satisfaction? by taking the time to answer these questions you can avoid mindless eating which can lead to unwanted weight gain.
  2. Eat veggies at every meal 
    1. this will do 2 things for you: fill you up so you can avoid over eating other stuff and add a nutritional boost to each meal. i think its really important to approach your diet strategy by focusing on what you add instead of what is off limits. by focusing on the latter, you feel deprived and put yourself at higher risk for binging on foods that are not allowed.
  3. Say grace
    1. or just be grateful for you food before you put it in your mouth. if you appreciate what you are eating, you will be much less likely to over eat and you will feel more satisfied at the end of your meal. so be sure to thank God, the universe, or yo mama for what’s on your plate.
  4. Skip Value Boxes of Cereal
    1. humans are wired to complete projects. when we buy big ass boxes of cereal and other value items our subconscious wants to complete the “project” so we will pour ourselves larger portions and eat the food more frequently.
  5. Throw out all your plates
    1. well, at least the super sized ones. we eat with our eyes first and when we see a plate that is half full then we assume that it will not satisfy us. studies have shown that when given the same portion of food on different sized plates people actually reported different satiety levels. Those given a portion that filled up a small plate reported that they fuller when given the same sized portion on a larger plate on another day. Nuts.
  6. Eat around your schedule
    1. i know that you’ve heard that if you don’t have breakfast than you will get fat. i’m here to tell you that if you eat breakfast and that causes you to go into an eating frenzy all day long then maybe its best to wait until you are actually hungry to eat. recognize the times of day that you have the largest appetite and budget your calories so that you can eat more at those times.
  7. Have a free for all day
    1. its way easier to stick to a calorie deficit during the week if you know you have one day where you can eat whatever the bleep you want. i reserve one day of the the week (usually saturdays) to go buck wild. i go out to dinner with friends, have dessert, eat ice cream, what ever i feel like (i don’t force anything either…if i want it i have it if i don’t i won’t).

Hope this helps you babes. love you. muah

let me know what you think of this blog

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