The Ripple Effect


The first decision you make every day is the most important one.

It sets the tone for the entire day.

Consider these two scenarios:

Morning 1:

Alarm goes off at 5am. 

1st Decision-Snooze button

You then begin your day half an hour late, skip breakfast and head into work without a shower.

By 7am you’re starving because you didn’t have your normal egg white n’ oatmeal breakfast, so you grab a doughnut from the break room.

Around 10 you’ve got a serious headache from the 7:00 sugar spike and you take a nap at you desk.

Your boss walks by your office at 10:30 and scolds you for sleeping on the job.

Stressed out, you head over to the vending machine to get some chocolate. Chocolate always makes you feel better.

Your lunch hour rolls around. You packed your lunch last night but forgot it in on the counter as you were rushing out of the house to make it work on time. Fast food it is.

It’s finally 5:00, which means it’s time to hit the gym…but you’re just too damn tired so you skip it for today.

You go home, plop on the couch, and console yourself with cheeze whiz and ritz crackers until you fall asleep.

Morning 2:

Alarm goes off at 5am

You shut off the buzzer and take 5 minutes to meditate about your intention for the day

Feeling clear, you make your way to the kitchen to fix your breakfast and coffee. You write your desired outcome for the day in your journal. Hop in the shower. Get Dressed. And head to work on time with your lunch in hand.

There was no traffic today and you arrive 10 min early. You decide to go for a stroll around the building. It’s a nice day and you won’t get to enjoy it from inside.

You walk past the break room where your co-workers are guzzling coffee and nibbling on doughnuts right over to your office.

Since your mind is so clear, you breeze through your daily to do’s. You ask your boss if there are any other projects you can get cracking on and are excused to leave work early since all is taken care of.

Pumped and energized, you head on over to the gym and have a challenging and efficient workout.

When you get home you take your time preparing a fresh and delicious meal. You are so satisfied.

You spend the rest of your evening reading with your loved one and hit the sheets early, excited for what tomorrow has in store.

It’s crazy how ONE decision, waking up on time, can change your whole day.

This is true for so many little habits. These are the things that can change the entire outcome of our existence. Little habits can make or break you. So it’s important to make sure you are making good “little decisions”

Everyone has “snooze” days every now and then (not gonna lie, today was one of those days for me). And its fine sometimes, but for god’s sake don’t make it a habit.

If this inspired you, share it with a friend. Have a productive and lovely day Babe. Muah.

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