Cheap Grocery List

Can you believe a got a weeks worth of groceries for like...12 bones??!! Chyea!
Can you believe a got a weeks worth of groceries for like…12 bones??!! Chyea!

Sometimes people tell me that eating healthy is too expensive…. and I am here to prove ya WRONG.

As you can see from my receipt above (dated Oct 27 2014, so you know its real) I don’t spend very much on food. On an average week I spend somewhere between 40-60 bones. Not too shabby eh?

What’s my secret? Planning n’ Preparation babe.

Here are the simple steps to making grocery shopping a easy breezy and inexpensive:

  1. Break up your food into categories
    1. I break mine up like this; starches (i.e. potatoes, peas, beans, rice), proteins (eggs, chicken,beef, pork, protein, powder, yogurt) calcium sources (almond milk, cheese, sometimes cows milk), Veggies (errthang and anything fresh, colorful, and seasonal), fats (grass fed butter, coconut oil, olive oil). You can break yours up any way you please, this works really well for me.
  2. Know how much you/your family eats of each category each day
    1. I know I know.. its easier for me to plan because I’m single and I’m only cooking for myself. (thanks for rubbing it in) If you are in charge of cooking for other people, just figure out how many servings of stuff they typically eat at each meal (i.e.: how many servings of protein do they eat/day etc.)
  3. Figure out how many servings of stuff you need each week
    1. add up each family members total intake from each category, voila you know how much of each thing you need.
  4. Buy what you/your family needs AND NO MORE
    1. I can’t emphasize this enough…SOOOO MANY PEOPLE buy more food than they actually need and it goes to waste!
    2. don’t fall into the “oh its on sale” trap. If you stock up on $20 of crap you can’t finish and it goes to waste then YOU WASTE MONEY AND FOOD…Ashley does not approve.
  5. Cook food on Sundays and Wednesdays
    1. or whatever two days work best for you in the week.
    2. i don’t like to cook for the entire week because stuff gets pretty funky after 5 days
    3. a tip for cooking in bulk: have 3 containers in your reefer (refrigerator). one for meat/protein, one for starch, and one for veggie. that way, you can just dip into each container. make sure you have more veggies prepped than anything else.
    4. also, you can have variety using different herbs and spices when you cook but try to keep the same food staples all the time. it will make your food budget more predictable and you will get skilled at making your tried and true dishes.

That’s really all it takes. Not to super complicated.

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