How to eat like a fatty (and get skinny)

I like to eat- like… a lot.

and I stay in relatively good shape despite eating (what most people think are) huge portions.

How am I able to eat so much and still look like this


By following a few simple dietary tips.

  1. Trick yourself into liking vegetables- I eat veggies at every meal. I make them the focal point of my plate and am constantly finding ways to make my veggies tastier. My favorite way to make my greens taste good is to mix them in with rich, salty, high quality meats. Example: 1 part grass fed ground beef to 2 parts broccoli and cauliflower= one tasty and filling dish (3x size of what I would normally be able to eat)
  2. Skip Snacks- Some will tell you to snack all day to “keep your metabolism going” this is bull shit. Your metabolism increases relative to the size of the meal you ate. A large meal will result in a large metabolic spike, a small meal will result in a small metabolic increase. FREQUENCY OF MEALS DOES NOT INCREASE OR DECREASE METABOLISM. In fact, it takes 72 hours for you to experience a metabolic “slow down” from caloric restriction. So instead of snacking, eat larger, more satisfying meals.
  3. Big Ass Cheat Day- Choose 1 day every week to eat WHATEVER YOU WANT. Yes, anything. No restrictions. The only rule is that you limit this to one day. Make sure that the other days of the week are within your caloric range.
  4. Wine and Dine Yourself- Have you ever gotten home from a long day at work and eaten 4 slices cold pizza from the refrigerator followed by 1/2 pint of Ben & Jerry’s, 2 Snickers Minis, and a few spays of canned cheese? If you answered yes to this question, then you are not alone. Studies show that when you do not put effort into making a meal visually appealing, you are 60% more likely to feel unsatisfied with the meal. You can avoid this pitfall by making yourself a swanky, tasty, pretty meal. If you take time to make it then you will take time eating it. And when you take time to eat, you will appreciate your meal. This will keep you from feeling unsatisfied and can ultimately eliminate the urge to munch for the rest of the night.

Try out these tips and let me know how they work out for you in the comment section below 🙂 If this blog has helped you overcome your issues with food, please share it with your friends family and co workers!

Love ya babes



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