How to Choose Your Calories For Weight Loss

If you’re confused about the “good calorie, bad calorie” debate then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you spend any time paying attention to trending diets, you will hear polarized opinions on both sides of the argument.

One camp says,

a calorie is a calorie, whether it be from broccoli or twinkies…people get fat because they are lazy, lack self control and eat too much


Another group says,

eat unlimited amounts of (insert marketable food group/product here/new research here) and you will lose weight…the food industry has been lying to us to keep us fat…IT’S A CONSPIRACY!”

Tin Foil Hat Sign-2

Here’s the truth….both sides are correct… to a degree. Let me explain.

The “calorie is a calorie” bunch has a theory based solely on the

Law of Thermogenics: 1 lb of fat =3500 surplus calories. Eat in deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound, eat in excess of 3500 calories to gain a pound.

While the “eat whatever you want of _______ to reach your bodies natural weight” operates off the premise that certain foods are meant to be eaten, and that when one eats only from this food category metabolism peaks and appetite self regulates itself.

A disclaimer about the second mentioned group, I am not singling out any one diet. This is the loose theory for MOST diets that tell you calories don’t matter (i.e. adkins, paleo, raw veganism, the bullet proof diet, the cabbage diet, the egg diet, the blood type diet, and the list goes on and on.


While it is true that a calorie is a calorie, some calories come in more metabolically superior (by superior, I mean less calories absorbed/ stored as fat…how ever you want to put it).

Here is what I mean.

Imagine we are running a case study with two women. They are metabolically exactly the same (impossible, but for the sake of  this example let’s pretend). They both burn exactly 2000 every day (also impossible, but pretend).

We feed woman A 5,500 calories of Twinkies (a 3,500 calorie surplus)

We feed woman B 5,500 calories of broccoli (also a 3,500 calorie surplus)

Do they both gain a pound of fat?


why not?????

Well, there are many reasons.

1. Broccoli calories are wrapped up in fiber.

fiber is not absorbed by the body as energy. broccoli is very high in fiber making it difficult for all the calories to be absorbed. Woman B may have technically eaten 3,500 extra broccoli calories, but she probably was only able to convert a small percentage of that (if anything) into fat.

2. Twinkies are calories and not much else.

while broccoli contains lots of micronutrients, phytocehmicals and all kinds of other great stuff, Twinkies are pretty much just Twinkies. Sugar, Fat, and preservatives. A lot of the stuff in broccoli increases the rate we burn calories, while Twinkies have no effect (or even slow it down)

3. Toxins

Toxins are stored in fat cells. Twinkies are a high toxin food, broccoli is a low toxin food. More toxins=more stored fat.



I know…ground breaking.

Love you babes. ❤


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