The Importance of Enjoying your Food

From time to time, we all get stuck in an eating rut.

We eat mindlessly without appreciating what we are using to fuel and repair our bodies. We lose connection with what we are made of.

I’ve definitely been there. For me it means viewing food as burden. Something that distracts me from more pertinent tasks. I know I’ve reached an eating rut when my food log consists of protein powder, psyllium husks, cucumber and cans of tuna (shudders). It’s not pretty.

Eating this way can even be harmful. Recent studies suggest that food is assimilated more effectively when it is cooked slowly savored and enjoyed. This means that even the healthiest eating habits can be negated by scarfing down food.

Other research also suggests that eating with good company can improve digestion, nutrient absorption, and satiety. The book “Eating Mindfully” discusses this phenomenon in depth.

“Eating a mindful meal means completely focusing your mind on the ‘process’ of eating. You take it moment by moment and focus on the here and now. You begin by looking at the food, noting the different colors and shapes. You really see what is in front of you. You also become aware of the manner in which you reach for the spoon and fork. Food doesn’t automatically end up in your mouth. Your entire body is involved in getting it there… from ingredients to atmosphere, whether appealing or appalling, both the psychological mood and the physical accessories that surround you when you eat may influence the way in which you metabolize food and in turn your health and wellbeing.”

Slow down, grab a friend, and enjoy your next meal. Your body will thank you.

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