breaking plateaus: quality not quantity cardio



How To Cardio:


Has your weight loss hit a plateau despite continuously INCREASING the amount of cardio you do?

Well, in this blog, I’ll share with you a bullet proof cardio plan to break your weight loss plateau. Keep reading!


You probably have heard that your body gets “used to exercise” and that you need to constantly challenge your program to continue to see results. This is called the law of adaptation and it causes lots of people to think they need to spend HOURS doing cardio. In this blog, I will teach you a strategy to avoid a weight loss plateau without having to spend a lot of time doing cardio.





Avoid this mistake

My clients are never instructed to do more than 40 min of cardio at a time and yet they CONSISTENTLY lose body fat. How? I improve the quality of their workouts not  quantity. Here is an example: Say I start a client walking 30 min 2x/week and she adapts…what do I do? Do I tell her to walk 60 min 2x/week? what happens when she adapts to that? 90 min 2x/week? and then what. As you can see, simply adding more time as you get in shape will eventually reach a limit. DO NOT DO THIS.


Do this instead

So rather than telling this client to walk longer, I simply tell her to run for 30 min instead of walk. What do I do when she gets used to that? I tell her to try to run FARTHER in the same amount of time.

Eventually this will also reach a limit, and when this happens I have her change the exercise.

This strategy will prevent you from EVER hitting a plateau.

So remember QUALITY before QUANTITY

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Thank you for reading

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