Questions about Keto

I just had a really good friend of mine text me with a question about the Keto experiment. 

He said:

What’s a Ketogenic diet?


Which is a fabulous question. One that I have not yet addressed on this blog. I shall do so now 🙂 

the ketogenic diet: Replacing glucose with ketones by consuming fats for energy rather than carbohydrate. 

He then went on to ask:

So what are some sources of fat u can replace for bread and stuff

Another excellent question that I have not addressed. I replied:

Well, one of the benefits of the ketogenic diet is that eating low carb requires that you eliminate processed stuff like sugar, gluten and other harmful substances. A good leto diet should consist of mostly vegetables, high amounts of good quality fat (avocado, grass fed butter, coconut, organic heavy cream, ghee, high MUFA containing nuts) moderate amounts of low toxin meats and protein (grass fed beef, sustainably raised chicken, cage free eggs, whey protein isolate, vegan protein powders without added sugar). Most of my calories right now are coming from good fats and the volume of my diet comes from whole vegetables. 

If you, like my friend, were unsure about the Keto Diet and what exactly I am doing on the Keto diet experiment, then I hope this cleared things up for you. 

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