Day 10 of Nutritional Ketosis

Hey all!

Wanted to post another update of my 30 day Keto Experiement.

general feeling:

I’ve been eating macronutrient ratios of about 10% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 70% fat. Overall, I feel really good. I’m feeling happy, satisfied, and I believe my body has adjusted to digesting over 100g of fat in a day. I’ve been averaging between 1800-2400 kcal/day depending on how active I am. I have reduced eating frequency to one large meal in the late morning/early afternoon and one snack in the evening. There is no particular reasoning for this other than it works well with my schedule and allows me to consume a REALLY SATISFYING MEAL right when I get done with my morning workout 😛

fitness results:

I am training for a marathon in 2 months, so I have been increasing my mileage over the past couple of weeks. I’ve noticed I feel very good during my training runs with very little soreness in the days following. During my first week of weight lifting on the Keto diet I definitely struggled with strength however, I have gotten back to where I was before beginning the experiment. Each week I run a timed mile and since I’ve decreased my carbohydrate intake, I’ve decreased my mile time from 6:20 (one month ago) to 6:02 (2nd week of Ketosis). This past week I ran a 6:06.

cognitive results:

I have been testing my cognitive response to the diet by using the “brain test” features offered by My initial LPI score was 462 and my current score is 956. I understand that my score is improving for several reasons, but I do feel that my diet has resulted in my improved brain function.

aesthetic results:

Like I mentioned before, I am noticing a HUGE difference in my hair, skin and nails. My hair and skin definitely feels softer and my nails feel thicker. My body is looking nice as well. My initial weight was 139 when I began the diet and my current weight is 137. I feel that this is mostly inflammation and water (which I am still happy about). My weight does jump up after eating large meals (duh…weight of the food).

Today’s Ratios:


Today, I ate a total of 2,600 calories with these ratios (high day).


what I ate today:

Upon waking: bullet proof coffee

late morning post morning workout: 2 avocados, 5 cups organic baby herbs, 4 slices organic bacon, 3 vegan protein pancakes with liberal amounts of grass fed butter

Late afternoon: 5 oz fatty meat, iced coffee with half and half

post evening workout: shredded coconut, grass fed butter

what today’s workout looked like:

AM: 5.5 mile run, upper body and core circuit (30 min)

PM: Rock Climbing (6 problems), leisurely passing football (2 hours)

In the middle of the day I was mostly sedentary. Worked in the morning.

Welp, that’s where I am so far. The take home here is I’m feeling great. I’ll be getting Ketostix soon to ensure that I am in fact in ketosis. I will also make an appointment to do blood work and see how my blood profile is looking.


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