Day 3 of real Ketosis

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that I am experimenting with “the bullet proof diet”. The first week of the experiment I followed the diet pretty loosely (there were a lot of social events that week). But the past 3 days have been true ketosis FOR SURE. Here are my ratios for yesterday: photo-3  

Average day of eating:

5am- 2 cups of bullet proof coffee, 1 T MCT oil, 1 T kerrigold, stevia

1 scoop of SLAP Nutrition whey protein isolate 

7am- 2-4 T pecan butter, 1/2 cucumber 

12pm- 4 cups green leafy OR 2 cups of cooked cruciferous veg, 8-12 oz high fat grass fed beef, 1-2 oz hard cheese, 1-2 avocado 

4pm- iced coffee with 1/2 c heavy cream and stevia (not cuz I’m tired…cuz i like coffee)

i usually run after the coffee***

8pm- steamed veggies with some sort of high fat dip (lately I’ve like the spinach artichoke dip from Fresh and Easy.) 1 serving of my Keto “ice cream” will site recipe in another post.


This is pretty spot on for what I’m targeting (High fat, very low carb, moderate protein). 

Before anyone jumps down my throat about the safety of this experiment or anything, know that I am a “serial nutritional experimenter.” I’ve actually attempted a ketogenic diet in the past (2011.. good times lol) as well as other popular diets (Low fat raw vegan, IIFYM, SAD, Paleo, whole foods, IF, south beach, atkins…perhaps I should do reviews of each?) and the list goes on. My motivation for conducting said experiments is simple: to identify the diet which will yield an optimal life

optimal life defined as:   

  • high mental performance 
  • athleticism 
  • spiritual connection
  • emotional stability 
  • sound sleep 
  • social compliance

I mentioned that I lead a ketogenic lifestyle in 2011. I did well on the diet at that time ( I was following the Keto protocol as it is written in The Art and Science of Low Carb Living By Jeff Volek.  However, I did a few things wrong in 2011: 

  1. I was not eating organic vegetables or grass fed meat. I was surely consuming TONS of pesticides, antibiotics, omega 6 fatty acids etc.
  2. I did not have an iPhone, thus I did not track my foods stats. Tracking is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for this experiment. Pen and paper are tedious and inaccurate.  
  3. I turned 21 in 2011….can you say vegas? 
  4. I was not sleeping in 2011. 21 years old. College. Living with best friends. 5am training clients. Sleep was a struggle lol.
  5. I was not drinking alkalized water. 
  6. I was SCARED OF FAT and eating too much protein. I didn’t realize at the time that Ketones are derived from fat. 

Despite making all of these mistakes in my diet in 2011, I still managed to loose about 8 pounds (I was 131ish at that time, which is a low weight for me) as well as run a personal record in the 2011 Los Angeles Marathon. The diet did work even though I was doing it waaaay wrong. 

This time around, I have corrected all of the above mistakes and am taking the diet much more seriously. I will be competing in the Long Beach Marathon in October and will begin my long run training this weekend :). 



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