Chill Pill: The Ultimate Diet Solution

(Results may vary)


We are all in search of the proverbial holy grail of weight loss. A pill that will melt the fat off of our asses rendering us shredded, cut and lean. Sound familiar? It should, I took it straight off a popular “Dr. Oz” supported diet supplement label. 

NoFatBurnersTruth is…Weight loss (and even weight gain for that matter) is a lot more complicated than the industry leads us to believe. For one, it’s physiologically impossible for fat to “melt” away and the cause of fat gain is more complex than a calories in vs calories out equation. So rather than taking an ineffective fat loss pill take a chill pill and read how to see real, lasting results. 

10 Factors that Affect Weight Loss:

  1. Hormone profile 
  2. Stress
  3. Sleep
  4. Exercise Adaptation
  5. Calorie Adaptation 
  6. Food allergies and intolerances 
  7. Genetics
  8. Carrer Choice
  9. Dieting History 
  10. Environmental Toxins


It is (at this point) impossible for one supplement to balance out all of the aforementioned hindrances. 

At the end of the day, your success or failure in weight loss is going to come down to 2 things:


Notice how you feel when you read these statements: 

“well I really should exercise more….”

“i think I should start my diet next week…..”

“maybe I should get a personal trainer….”

What do all these statements have in common? None of them produce results. Why? Because “should” is not a RIGHT NOW statement. “Should” is something that you can justify putting off tomorrow because it is not urgent. 

Now notice how you feel when you read these statements:

“I MUST exercise more”

“I MUST start my diet”

“I MUST get a coach”

See the difference? Step 1 to succeeding in weight loss (or anything for that matter) is to replace your shoulds with musts 

2) Do you have a compelling enough reason to want to reach your goal?

The reason why you chose to do anything is pivotal to your success. If you are doing something without understanding why…then you simply will not do it. Compare these two real life case studies (names have been changed to protect identity of the individual….but these are actual stories from my clients)

  • Client #1: Sally

Me: So Sally, why is it that you have chosen right now to become committed to an exercise program?

Sally: I have been eating like a heifer the last few weeks and I should get my butt in shape for a beach trip in a couple weeks. I need help. 

So what happens to Sally? Sally signs up for a month of training out of guilt from her recent poor food choices. She shows up to all the workouts the 1st week of training, gets really sore, and then I never see her again. There are MANY cases like this that waste my time and their money. 

  •  Client #2: Rachel

Me: Hi Rachel, why is it that you have chose right now to become committed to an exercise program?

Rachel: (tears in her eyes) My husband of 10 years just passed away of a heart attack. We spent our entire marriage eating fast food, drinking soda, and sitting on the couch. I know my husband would want me to take better care of myself so that I can be around to take care of our beautiful daughter. I am going to get in shape for myself, my husband, and most importantly my daughter. 

What do you think happened to Rachel? You guessed it she KILLED IT! Although her motivation to lose weight is tragic, it was effective. Rachel lost over 150 pounds and is now a learning to become a fitness instructor. Her life will never be the same and she has lost weight PERMANENTLY. 

I’m not saying that someone has to die in order for you to succeed in your weight loss program. What I’m saying is your reasons for losing weight need to be ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT TO YOU. Said differently, you must have a compelling “why”. If your “why” is in place, then you will execute and thus succeed. 



It really is that simple. So take a chill pill, lose the weight, and start living your life dammit! 

Until next time babes,


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