Dieter’s Dilemma #3: Dating on a Diet

He finally asked you out! the cheesecake factory… the day after you started your diet.

Panicked woman


Don’t panic babe. Going out to eat should not be the cause of anxiety and it doesn’t have to ruin your weight loss progress (although…it totally can if you do it wrong). You can eat out with friends occasionally and STILL lose weight by following these 5 simple guidelines:


He asks you out for Italian, completely unaware of your very low daily carbohydrate allowance of 50 grams. You don’t want to seem high maintenance so you agree to the date. Que panic attack.  How will you manage to maintain your carbohydrate budget at an italian restaurant without looking like a total weirdo??!! I’ll tell ya how you’re gonna do it: Save up carbs. You know how verizon offers “roll over” minutes in a cell phone plan? Well you’re going to model that same principle in you diet. Say you need to stay below 50g of carbs/day in order to hit your macros and lose weight. If you know Monday that you will be going on a date Saturday evening, you will simply eat between 15-30 grams of carbs LESS than you normally would which will allow you to eat an additional 100g of carbs on your date night! Plenty enough for a modest bowl of pasta. You may even be able to split a dessert.


You’re at the restaurant and you are handed the menu. Immediately you are flooded with angst as you stare at the food items oblivious to the calorie content of each dish. This anxiety can be avoided by knowing what you are going to order before you even set food in the restaurant. Make sure you visit the establishment’s website to look at the nutrition info page and decide what meal will work with your diet.



Generally, the more complicated a food is the higher it will be in calories, additives, and fat producing toxins. To avoid this stuff when eating out, opt for basic foods like steak, veggies and a baked potato. You can avoid a lot of additives and excess empty calories by ordering whole food options. Always order a grilled or baked protein (steak, chicken, fish) NOT FRIED, with steamed or stir fried seasonal veggies, and a baked potato with toppings on the side. Eat half of the potato and you’re looking at a pretty low calorie meal that’s pretty high in protein, fiber, and phytochemicals.



Eating out is more about having an experience than eating. Be sure to take the time to experience your meal with the person you are eating with. Take your time eating, share your food, and listen to your body as you eat. When you feel full ask for the leftovers to be boxed up and taken otherwise you will continue to munch.

PS did you know you actually digest food and assimilate nutrients BETTER when you are eating with a friend when compared to eating alone? Cool right?


After enjoying your meal and each other’s company, do something active together like walking, mini golf, or playing frisbee. This will keep you from feeling the “itis” or post-meal drowsiness. If you happened to over eat this will also put a dent in the extra calories you consumed.

I’m hoping you can put these simple rules into practice next time you go on a date…you sexy thang you.

go get em tiger




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