How To Fix Your Broken Metabolism

As we age…we get fat. Sorry babes, but its true. And it’s SUPER frustrating because you could be doing all the right things; eating a low calorie diet, exercising 5 days/week with a trainer :), sleeping well, drinking water, reducing stress. All the stars are aligned!!! You should be dropping weight easily!!!   haha all […]

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Questions about Keto

I just had a really good friend of mine text me with a question about the Keto experiment.¬† He said: What’s a Ketogenic¬†diet? ¬† Which is a fabulous question. One that I have not yet addressed on this blog. I shall do so now ūüôā¬† the ketogenic diet: Replacing glucose with ketones by consuming fats […]

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Day 10 of Nutritional Ketosis

Hey all! Wanted to post another update of my 30 day Keto Experiement. general feeling: I’ve been eating macronutrient ratios of about 10% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 70% fat. Overall, I feel really good. I’m feeling happy, satisfied, and I believe my body has adjusted to digesting over 100g of fat in a day. I’ve […]

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Day 3 of real Ketosis

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that I am experimenting with “the bullet proof diet”. The first week of the experiment I followed the diet pretty loosely (there were a lot of social events that week). But the past 3 days have been true ketosis FOR SURE. Here are my ratios for yesterday:¬†¬†¬† Average […]

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