Super killer 20 min workout

 I did this workout today and it completely kicked my ass in a very short period of time. Here it is. Try it out and let me know how it goes 🙂 

Warm up 5 min brisk walk

****for each exercise, use about 85% of your maximum weight and complete SUPER SLOW repetitions for 90 seconds continuously. Complete only 1 90 second set per exercise. Rest 1-3 minutes between each set. It will kick your butt, trust me************

1) squat

2) bench press

3) dead lift

4) military press

5) bar bell row 

After the lift complete 5-10 sets of sprints on the tread. Sprint 20 seconds hard (for me that is level 11.5 on 0 incline) and jump off for 10 seconds (rest goes by quick) 

Cool down 5 min easy walk 

the whole workout seriously takes 20 minutes. It’s super simple, but definitely not easy. 


Until next time babes 🙂 






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