Dieter’s Dilemma #2: How to eat


Low carb, low fat, low calorie, all fruit, no fruit, cabbage soup, negative calories, unlimited calories….there are literally THOUSANDS of diets out there. This makes weight loss super super confusing since most diets provide conflicting advice. How can you know which diet is right? Welp, let me let you in on a lil secret babe…they can all work. Emphasis on the word “can”. Diets are not magic. They cleverly trick you into eating less than you are putting out. (hehe…putting out) Let’ dissect the Paleo diet for instance:

Paleo Claim: As long as you are eating like our caveman ancestors, you can lose weight. Eat the way we “naturally” ate in the past .   Logic behind claim: Insulin levels will be reduced and fat (dietary fat) will be used as the primary source of energy. Metabolic rate will increase. Eliminating gluten and dairy will result in reduced inflammation.     Acceptable foods: Copied straight from Grass-produced meats, Fish/seafood,  Fresh fruits, Fresh Vegetables,  Eggs, Nuts and Seeds, Healthy oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)   Other contingencies: You must eat several servings of green veggies at each meal, you must drink lots of water, you must eat till you’re full, processed foods are off limits

Okiedoke, so let’s think about this shall we. (by the way, I am not bashing the paleo lifestyle it can be very effective for some people) Paleo requires that you cut out all breads, all sodas and teas, all alcohol, all sugars, and most fruit…for most of you that’s 50-70% of your diet. Hmmmmm, I wonder what happens when you replace processed, sugary, low nutrient  junk with dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, and naturally raised lean meat? DING DING DING, caloric deficit + vitamin and mineral boost! Also, high protein meals make you feel full so you tend to eat less. Its safe to say that the Paleo diet doesn’t magically allow your body to eat unlimited amounts of food. The structure of the diet leads you to eat less without thinking about it. Make sense? Some people are successful on diets like Paleo because the “rules” of the diet comply with the individual’s lifestyle. If you are someone that really enjoys and can afford high quality meat products and likes big salads then Paleo can work for you. If you are a vegan then Paleo might not be the right fit. I believe that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to create your own diet (possibly with the help of your bad ass neighborhood nutritionist…clears throat 🙂 ) Find a way to balance your food in a way that works with your lifestyle. In general, make sure you’re eating lots of nutrient dense foods in a raw state for peak nutrient absorption.


******* This may be confusing to you. If it is, that’s OK. Ask for help from me or another health expert. In general, if 70% of your diet is made up of one ingredient foods in a natural state (i.e. veggies, fruits, lean meats etc) then that is a good place to start. ************** 1) Log your normal diet for 3 consecutive days 2) Take note of your current eating habits. Is your diet balanced? Do you eat a lot of processed food? 3) Determine if you are eating at maintenance, caloric deficit, or caloric surplus (hint, if your weight is stable then you are at maintenance) 4) Figure out caloric needs for goal 5) Determine protein requirements. General rule I use with clients: Current body weight minus 25= grams of protein to consume per day. 6) Divide the rest of you calories up between fat and carbs. If you are more active, carb calorie intake should be higher than fat calorie intake. If you are sedentary the opposite is true. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME until next time babes Until next time babes -ash

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