Dieter’s Dilemma #1: The Plateau

it really breaks my heart when i see a client putting so much effort into losing weight only to hit the dreaded weight loss plateau or the “WLP” (dun dun duuuuun). it happens to the best of us and albeit it totally blows, WLP can absolutely be broken. but before we learn how to get past the plateau, we first need to understand what causes it in the first place.



stress=acid. acid=toxins. toxins= WLP. when your blood stream is inflicted with more toxins than it can filter, it stores these toxins into safe little fat cell compartments. thus, your body must hold onto body fat in order to protect itself from toxic waste. in a high stress world of calorie restricted diets, super processed toxic “light” foods, minimal sleep, and super acid forming workouts, its no wonder our bodies are holding onto fat! i’ve seen soooooo many women live month after month on asparagus and steamed tilapia without dropping a single pound. this isn’t because they have a low metabolism, it is because caloric deficit is a major physiological stressor. typically, these clients are also cardio bunnies and have made themselves super efficient metabolic machines (trust me, i’ve been there) on top of everything else, they sleep 3-5 hours/ night, take care of their families, are dealing with work stress, and give themselves unnecessary stress over their self image. when i see this a fire alarm goes off in my head and i immediately recommend that we learn some detox and de-stress strategies. Let’s learn those shall we?

Now that we understand the cause of WLP, here’s how you can rewire your body to drop body fat more effectively than ever before:


in order to break through WLP you must detoxify your body. i will break this down into a step by step process. you can detox your self in about 28 days:

1. get some rest: take 1-2 days each week for 4 consecutive weeks where you totally veg out. ideally, you want to have one weekday and one weekend day but if this isn’t possible then you can use the weekend. take at least 5-8 hours to completely relax. get a massage, read a book, watch a movie, nap, what ever makes you feel rejuvenated. do it.

2. re-feed: now, i’m not saying go on a full blown ben and jerry’s binge. however carbohydrates are our bodies primary fuel source. during times of caloric restriction we force our bodies to thrive on limited amounts of glucose. the result is a major stress response that creates a ton of toxins. additionally, a low calorie diet is usually low in micronutrients that are necessary for fat loss. to bring your body back to a state of metabolic health have 1-2 servings of an unprocessed, organic, nutrient dense carbohydrate at each meal for 28 consecutive days (ex: fresh raw fruit, quinoa, organic oats, organic chocolate, organic full fat dairy). you will be eating more calories than you normally do and that is ok. learn to enjoy food again without going crazy over calories and carbs. remember, i am not advising you to go eat a bunch of processed crap to reset your body. YOUR REFEEDING FOODS SHOULD BE NOURISHING NOT DESTRUCTIVE.

3. hydrate: once your body starts releasing toxins from your fat cells it is imperative that you flush these toxins out. the only way to do this is with plain ‘ole water. aim to have at least half your body weight in fluid ounces every day. add lemon to the water for extra flavor and additional detox properties.

4. meditate: believe it or not, weight loss (or anything for that matter) is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. if you have toxic thoughts, your body will follow suit. for the next 28 days, i challenge you to wake up every morning 10 minutes before you regularly do and practice taking deep, slow breaths. take 5 seconds to inhale, and 10 seconds to exhale. as you do this, meditate on 3 simple things in your life that you are grateful for. this may be the most effective detoxing tool. this can change your life.

well babes, i hope that this post has added value to your life. i know i don’t have a lot of readers at this point but for those of you who do enjoy reading my blog the greatest “thank you” that you can give would be to share my work with someone you love. my mission in life is to help as many people as possible achieve good health. by sharing this blog or any of my other online platforms you can help me complete my mission.

until next time 🙂


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