pink, blue, or yellow

All of my clients know I’m a Starbucks addict. Image


I’m actually sitting in starbucks enjoying my usual as I type this blog 😛 

Aside from being hard on the wallet, drinking starbucks can be taxing to your health if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few healthy tips for ordering at starbucks:

1) don’t get fancy. the lowest cal, fat and sugar drinks are regular brewed and iced coffees and regular teas. 

2) use a little half and half. it’s only 40 calories/serving and it provides creaminess without adding excessive amounts of sugar or calories. 

3) go sugar free. i’m not claiming that artificial sugars are good for you, but i believe one packet of splenda is better for your overall well being than a pump of classic sweetener. when opting for sugar substitutes, choose the green packet first (stevia, available in more and more spots now a days), then yellow (splenda), then pink (sweet n low), and avoid blue at all costs its toxic. 

4) go medium….or grande. no one needs 20 oz of caffeine at once.

hope this was helpful. 

until next time babes 🙂 

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