caloric rebound

I turned 24 yesterday and I had a great time socializing with friends and indulging in foods (and fun beverages :P) that I don’t normally consume.





Overall, I ate about 3200 calories. To put this into perspective, this is nearly twice what my normal daily caloric intake is (usually I eat 1700-2000 calories.)

I also have a photo shoot in 14 days that I am leaning out for.

Am I worried? Not at a bit. I can eat like this sometimes and STILL lean out. And I’m confident that you can do the same.

How you ask? Well, after indulgent days I use a little strategy I like to call caloric rebounding.

Here’s how it works:

In order to gain or lose 1 lb of body fat, one must be in a caloric surplus or deficit of 3,500 calories. This is one of the few truths of nutrition so be sure to deposit that lil gem in your memory bank 🙂

Yesterday I had a caloric surplus of roughly 1200 calories. ( I was able to calculate this because I know my TDEE…perks of being a nutrition nerd. email me if you would like help figuring out YOUR TDEE). I am going to make those extra 1200 calories magically disappear over the next 8 days by consuming 400 calories less than I normally would every other day. Decreasing my caloric intake modestly for a few days  will literally erase the extra calories I enjoyed on my birthday. SWEEEEEEET. Also, alternating my extra low cal days with my normal 1700 cal days will eliminate any possibility of my body adapting to a lower calorie diet. In fact, having these extra low cal days followed by normal days will BOOST my bodies ability to burn body fat. Cool huh? So next time you overindulge at an even don’t trip on it. Just make sure you give yourself a week or so to erase those fun calories you enjoyed.

hope this was helpful.

until next time babes 🙂


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