i don’t believe in magic

Wanna play a quick game of fitness mad libs?

Client: “Ash, what workout or exercise can I do to  (select verb) burn/shred/reduce/melt/cut fat from my (select body part) tummy/ass/thighs/bat wings/muffin top?”

Ash: There is no workout that will do that.

Client: Really?! (select facial expression) shocked/disgusted/aloof/disappointed/enraged

Sorry to burst your bubble babe, But it’s true. There is no one workout or exercise (at least not that I know of) that is so effective and awesome that it trumps all other workouts/exercises and will give you the results you are seeking. Reaching your weight loss goal requires a little bit more brain power (or your local fitness expert…wink wink)

Over the duration of my career as a fitness trainer I’ve experimented with scores of training styles. HIIT, Isolation, Compound, Pyramid, Tempo, Resistance band, Free weight, 5×5 and the list goes on.

What I’ve learned is that everything works but nothing works forever.

Our bodies are awesome at getting good at stuff, and in terms of working out “good” means efficient. When your body becomes efficient, it doesn’t use as much energy. And when it doesn’t use as much energy you don’t burn as many calories.

Think car that gets really great gas mileage.

This would be great in a survival setting. Like if it were the zombie apocalypse and you were running from hungry zombies,  chances are you would become a really efficient runner.

Have you ever started a workout program and hit a plateau 3-6 weeks in? Did you see really fantastic results in the beginning and then without changing any thing the progress came to a halt? Yep. That was your body getting better at stuff.

It always really chaps my hide when someone comes to a consultation and says to me “Hey Ash, do you think you can just tell me the routine I need to do to lose 10 pounds?”

1) There is no way I can look at you and know exactly what workout will challenge your physiology enough to cause you to expend 35,000 extra calories (calories of 1 lbs of fat x 10).

2)If there were such a workout, you probably don’t speak “fitness” so if I told you “yeah, you need to do 50 mountain climbers, 100 high knee step ups, 50 Russian twists, 10 burn outs, and 15 power cleans” you most likely wouldn’t have a clue as to what do do.

I actually think that most people know that this is an impossible question to answer, they just ask because they trick themselves into thinking they attempted to learn about a healthy lifestyle. Heck, they may even use this as an excuse as to why they can not exercise!

The take home message from this blog is this: You can totally reach your fitness goal by constantly following a well rounded strength training and cardio program in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet with macro nutrients set to your particular goals. I know that’s not as sexy as reading “the one true secret to fast weight loss”, but it is the truth.

…what are macronutritents you ask? That’s a question for another day friends 🙂

Until next time


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