Completely new blogger

Hey fitness minded peeps

My name is Ashley and I am an expert in weight loss, exercise, and holistic nutrition. I’m starting this blog so that I can share my knowledge with anyone interested in a balanced (yet bad ass) life.

Here’s what I’m about:

body positivity, whole foods, lifting heavy weights,  healthy eating habits, physiological and physiological balance, a non obsessive approach to fitness, running, surfing, coffee (if you ever feel inclined to send me a coffee bean gift card please do so) ice cream, R&R, living a bad ass life.

Here’s what I’m definitely not about:

promoting extreme eating or exercising habits,  fad diets, products and supplements (generally…there are a few exceptions…damn C4 is just too good lol), empty promises, focusing ONLY on body image, judging the lifestyle of others

I pretty much feel that health comes in all shapes and sizes however, I know that regular exercise, sunshine, and a plant based diet is good for EVERYONE. I’m really hoping that this blog inspires you to be as bad ass as you can be.

thanks for reading




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