BAD ASH 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Are you ready for drastic, lasting results?

My name is Ashley Morgan and I’m your local weight loss and nutrition expert. To check my credentials, Facebook page: BAD ASH Personal Training and Nutrition, instagram bad_ash_training and youtube page: BAD ASH Training, and

Now is the time for you to take full advantage of what BAD ASH Training has to offer. I am in search of a Human Billboard. I am looking for 20 PEOPLE who want to lose 20 lbs in a very short period of time.

what is a human billboard and why do I need one? I’ll get to that but first let me break down my BAD ASH WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE

I’m excited to say I’ve put the finishing touches on my rapid fat loss program and I am ready to release this plan to the public and that means YOU.

So what’s the deal with the BAD ASH 30 day challenge? Well, unlike your typical 3 sets of 15 reps at light weight workout prescribed by conventional weight loss trainers, the BAD ASH 30 day challenge couples an old school training mentality with cutting edge weight loss physiology to create THE MOST EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM in the Inland Empire.

I have been personally testing this fat loss program with some of my clients for the past few months and results have absolutely blown me away.

I’ve come up with some pretty good fat loss programs in the past, but this one takes the cake. . .and really. . . who doesn’t like cake.


So here’s what I’m offering you:

I am giving away the BAD ASH 30 DAY CHALLENGE for $69.00! This is a RIDICULOUSLY good deal that I will only offer one time…so you should definitely take advantage.

This is top notch personal training that is guaranteed (yes. . .money back GUARANTEED) to be effective.

Am I nuts? Possibly. But there is in fact a method to my madness.

Here’s the catch (this is where the human billboard thing comes in). I fully expect this 30 day challenge to be the biggest thing BAD ASH Training has created to date and I want YOU to be walking, talking proof of how well my program works.

Here’s all you have to do:

when someone approaches you and asks what you are doing to look SO GOOD you need to tell them about BAD ASH Personal Training. That’s it. It’s a win win. You get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE and I get more leads so that I can help more people CHANGE THIER LIVES.

BAD ASH 30 day challenge rules:

-You must take before pics on July 1st (don’t worry, I will take them for you at the same time I take the pics of the 20 other program participants)
-You must take after pics on July 30th (I’ll take these for you too)
-You must provide at lease FIVE referrals within the 30 day period (name, phone number, email)
-You must work out with me THREE DAYS/ WEEK (12 workouts) if you miss any workouts or quit the program before the 30 day period is completed, you will be billed THE FULL COST OF TRAINING (my regular rate for 3 workouts/ week = 29$/session. so the month would cost you $348.00)

I know what you’re thinking. . .how could this deal possibly get any sweeter. Well it does.

I am offering PRIZES to my top performers.

There are two categories of competition:

1)Weight Loss Category

the participant that looses the most weight in pounds between July 1st- July 30th will win 3 FREE MONTHS of BAD ASH Personal Training, 1 complimentary grocery store tour, and 1 complimentary kitchen raid.

But what if I am participating in the program but I don’t have that much weight to loose?


2) Client Ambassador Category

the participant that brings me the most referrals that convert to training clients in between July 1st to July 30th will win 3 FREE MONTHS of BAD ASH Personal Training, 1 Free grocery store tour, and 1 free kitchen raid.

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