pink, blue, or yellow

All of my clients know I’m a Starbucks addict.    I’m actually sitting in starbucks enjoying my usual as I type this blog 😛  Aside from being hard on the wallet, drinking starbucks can be taxing to your health if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few healthy tips for ordering at starbucks: 1) […]

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caloric rebound

I turned 24 yesterday and I had a great time socializing with friends and indulging in foods (and fun beverages :P) that I don’t normally consume.   Overall, I ate about 3200 calories. To put this into perspective, this is nearly twice what my normal daily caloric intake is (usually I eat 1700-2000 calories.) I also […]

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i don’t believe in magic

Wanna play a quick game of fitness mad libs? Client: “Ash, what workout or exercise can I do to  (select verb) burn/shred/reduce/melt/cut fat from my (select body part) tummy/ass/thighs/bat wings/muffin top?” Ash: There is no workout that will do that. Client: Really?! (select facial expression) shocked/disgusted/aloof/disappointed/enraged Sorry to burst your bubble babe, But it’s true. There […]

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Completely new blogger

Hey fitness minded peeps My name is Ashley and I am an expert in weight loss, exercise, and holistic nutrition. I’m starting this blog so that I can share my knowledge with anyone interested in a balanced (yet bad ass) life. Here’s what I’m about: body positivity, whole foods, lifting heavy weights,  healthy eating habits, […]

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